A Story of Confinement

Creativity, learning and discovery

These three words well summarize the initiatives taken by some of our interviewees to cope with the lockdown and the absence of meeting people in the flesh. Liliane Lessard and Nicole Beaudry describe their experience with virtual animation as a way to maintain one of  their social networks.


Each participant received her/his personal album

Health measures allowed the group to meet at the start of July 2020.

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Jocelyn Darou says that being cut off from social activities also presented an opportunity to develop new interests; to learn how to do things differently and to benefit from our natural surroundings. This was the case for Michèle Laverdure, who rediscovered how to enjoy a Québec winter after spending many years down south.

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Many of Sutton’s elderly acquired new skills because of COVID-19. Even if everyone agrees that we’re fed up with Zooming, many learned how to better use new communication technologies.

Some seniors started from scratch, as evidenced by the Zooming experience of 90-year-old Andrée Beaudry. Her sister Nicole tells us what happened. Contacted by his former employer, Paul Kinnis mastered the technique of distance teaching.

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Gisèle de Repentigny recounts how, at age 88, she had to apply for a credit card and learn how to feel safe using it.