Our Archives

Héritage Sutton’s collections and archives include writings, maps, photographs and sound recordings that tell the story of our community’s 200-year-plus history. Many of these items relate to families who played—or are still playing—key roles in Sutton’s history, and they provide valuable data for genealogical research about them.

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Enriching our archives

Many families have texts, photos, maps and other objects that are highly pertinent to local history. Regrettably, over time, these remarkable testaments to our past often get damaged or destroyed. To avoid this happening, consider donating your or your family’s records to Héritage Sutton — first making sure that no one in your family (children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters) wants to take responsibility for preserving these precious materials. When a family decides to maintain its archives on its own, Héritage Sutton will undertake to digitize or photocopy the most relevant items.

Important donations are indexed in an archive (fonds) named after the donor or the family. Many of these archives (fonds) have already been established and more are planned.