Become a Member

Becoming a member of Héritage Sutton means contributing to the preservation of the collective memories of Sutton and its surrounding area.

It also means connecting with a common interest community; the level of exchange and involvement depends on each person.

The annual basic subscription fee is minimal considering that members receive the two History Sketchbooks published during the year and are eligible for one free consultation and a reduced fee for searching our collections and archives..

These memberships are vital for Héritage Sutton. They represent support that is advantageous when applying for grants, convincing donors and recruiting sponsors.

Membership :

  • $30 per year if you opt for the History Sketchbooks in PDF format;
  • $40 per year if you opt for receiving the History Sketchbooks on paper by mail.

Make a donation

With a tax receipt

An agreement between Héritage Sutton and the Townshippers’ Foundation allows the issuance of an income tax receipt for all amounts of $30 or more. This receipt will be for the donation amount less, where applicable, of the value of goods and services associated with the membership. For example, a $100 amount results in a receipt for $80 if the amount includes the membership fee. If not, the receipt will be issued for the full amount ($100).

For a contribution of $30 or more, fill the form, make your cheque to the order of the Townshippers’ Research and Cultural Foundation and send it to 3355 College St, Sherbrooke (QC), J1M 0B8.

It is important to note on the cheque that the donation is designated for Héritage Sutton. You will receive a receipt by return mail and Héritage Sutton will receive your contribution.

Without a tax receipt

However, if you do not wish to receive a tax receipt for your donation: