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Héritage Sutton retraces, preserves, interprets and shares information that paints a vivid picture of Sutton and its inhabitants.

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Héritage Sutton’s oral history collection is a compendium of testimonials from older residents who helped to build the Sutton that we know today.

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A major part of our mission is spreading information about Sutton’s history and heritage.

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Our archives contain thousands of photos and documents that relate to Sutton’s history and built heritage.


A special issue of History Sketchbooks on the former dairy of Sutton

Héritage Sutton publishes a special issue dedicated to the history of the old dairy and to Sutton’s rich agricultural past. A history in two parts. The first one covers the period from 1894 to 1945, during which local investors were in charge; the second part relates the period from 1945 to 1980, when the Boulanger…


Héritage Sutton launches a 36th History Sketchbook

In his article on patent remedies, Martin Gagnon shows how, until governments regulated practices, potions, elixirs, and ointments of all kinds with miraculous virtues circulated without constraint throughout the countryside. For his part, Serge Jothy strived to trace the physicians who practiced in Sutton over the last two hundred years. In addition, The Richford Attraction…


A new virtual file : “A century of educational service”

Heritage Sutton has traced the history of Sutton Academy and Ave Maria School, which successively occupied the building now known as the John-Sleeth Community Centre between 1886 and 1986. This file gathers archival documents, photos and oral testimonies of people who attended these schools it can be consulted online at heritagesutton.ca/en/our-publications/virtual-files. This project was made…