A Story of Confinement

Is it better with two?


Yes, reply our interviewees, but only if you communicate properly and make necessary adjustments each step along the way. Despite everything, the pandemic had some positive benefits for the couples we met; it let them rediscover a closeness that the whirlwind of their previous lives had dulled somewhat.

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Sickness entered the lives of Duncan Phelps and Irène Larose. In April, Duncan was hospitalized for a quadruple heart bypass. The pandemic meant that his loved ones, including his wife Irène, couldn’t visit. After he returned home, the children had to continue keeping their distance because of visitor restrictions imposed on the elderly. The couple discuss this difficult chapter in their lives.

All that’s left is hope!

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Sickness also disrupted the life of Fernande Bellegarde, who watched helplessly as one of her daughters, 67, struggled with brain cancer. Her other daughters had to divide their time between visits to their mother and their sister.

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