A Century of Educational Service

The Ave Maria school

Even before Sutton High School students left for their new premises on Highland Street in the fall of 1955, negotiations had already started between Sutton’s anglophone school board and the village’s Catholic school commission, which was now responsible as well for children who had previously attended schools out in the countryside. These rural schools were now closed.

Discussions ended with the sale of the former Academy to the Catholic school commission, and by October 1956 the new owners approved preliminary plans to restore, modernize and enlarge the building.

AM 1 1956

Credit: Archives Société d'histoire de la Haute-Yamaska

A major event speeded things up. On the night of March 17, 1957, fire destroyed part of the Soeurs de la Présentation de Marie's convent.

Derrière du couvent, feu couvent
Derrière du couvent, feu couvent

Credit : Archives Héritage Sutton

Credit : Archives Héritage Sutton

From what we read in the minutes of the meeting of the Catholic school commission less than a week later (on March 22,1957), we can see that the commissioners of the commission scolaire catholique du village de Sutton approved accelerating the renovations. In August, the school commission borrowed $4,000 to finance the project.


Credit : Archives Société d'histoire de la Haute-Yamaska


Credit : Archives Société d'histoire de la Haute-Yamaska

The Ave Maria School was born. To  help trace its history until the school closed in 1986, dozens of former students and teachers were contacted and nine were interviewed on camera.


08 Jacqueline Brazeau-Cyr
09-Josée Barette
16-Lorraine Cournoyer

Jacqueline Brazeau-Cyr

Josée Barrette

Georgette Beaulac

lorraine cournoyer 3
10-Diane Dominque
11-Janice Hill

Lorraine Cournoyer

Diane Domingue

Janice Hill

12-Monique Sévigny
13-Edith Dandenault
14-Louise Delorme-Kelly

Monique Sévigny

Edith Dandenault

Louise Delorme-Kelly
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