A Century of Educational Service

The first kindergarten

Louise Delorme-Kelly, who taught Grade 1 in 1965 before launching the kindergarten program the following year, also moved back and forth between the two schools.

That first kindergarten served two groups of 22 children each, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It subsequently moved to the Ave Maria school (in 1969), and then moved back to the Frère-André school in the fall of 1973 (into space occupied today by the catering business Chez Matis).

Louise Delorme-Kelly and the last kindergarten group at the  Ave Maria school in the spring of 1973.
Credit: Isabelle Potvin Archives

AM 6 -2

Louise Delorme-Kelly helps Michael Lichtenauer balance on a beam while Élyse Boulanger
and her cousin, Lyne Boulanger, look on.
Credit: Élyse Boulanger Archives