Larouche Family

Alfred’s little stool

“It was papa who finished the milking” Denise adds.

Alfred went from cow to cow carrying a special stool strapped to his belt. It was carved from a single piece of pine and only had one leg. The stool let him move around the barn without having to worry about picking up his chair every time.

It was a neighbour, Emmanuel Fabre, who suggested it. Alfred thought it was funny at first, but after trying it he quickly adopted the idea.  Gaétan, Jean, Germain and Bernard still laugh about their father’s little stool.

19a Alfred traite vache noir

 Alfred milks one of his cows.

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“When you talk about Papa’s little stool, I can still see him walking around with it hanging from his bum. It was a funny tail, for sure; one that made a tick-tock sound that makes me laugh to this very day,” Denise says.