The heart of the village is transformed

The area around the train station was a lively place back in 1897 because of the many hotels, rooming houses and businesses located there.

But a fire on the night of April 15, 1898 destroyed 35 buildings, leaving the area in ruins.

Photo credit: Frank Wheeler, Richford

Photo credit: Frank Wheeler, Richford

Only a single pine tree remained in front of Greeley & Thompson’s butchers-grocers, the spot where the fire was brought under control.

A 1926 map shows that the area around the station was almost totally rebuilt; once again it was a very lively district filled with hotels, rooming houses and businesses.

On rue Pine, named for the tree that survived the fire, one lot was still empty. Alfred Hopson, who owned the neighbouring New Sutton Hotel, had just sold the large property to J.E. Maynard.

The Town of Sutton finances construction of an industrial-commercial building on the site that will house Draper and Maynard sporting goods.

The company was replaced in 1937 by another sporting goods firm, Daigneault & Rolland, which was followed, in turn, by suit manufacturer J.E. Elkins and, in 1939, Sutton Silk Mills, a subsidiary of the British American Silk Mills of Granby.