Filtex File

Filtex Building in SuttonOn October 31 2017 the Town of Sutton bought the old Filtex factory. The Town started thinking about how it could be reconverted as it was situated right in the center of the village.

With financial help from the Town of Sutton and from Pacte Rural de Brome-Missisquoi Héritage Sutton was mandated to research the old factory history and evolution. The idea was to enrich citizens' thinking about how to enhance the value of the area around the demolition site.

The present file summarizes this industrial site's history which starts in 1926. By the end of the 1930s, textile had replaced the lumber industry. At the height of its productive life, the mill employed 160 people. Blueprint photographs, men and women's accounts about the mill's progressive installation in the area, the evolution over 65 production years, work conditions as well as the economic impact this mill had on the Town of Sutton.

This file is currently in preparation
and will be completed in March 2020.