A Story of Confinement

Finale: Lessons for the future?

The past year has been tremendously demanding, and the need to return to normal is more pressing than ever.

Did the pandemic provide any lasting, positive benefits? Yes, say Lise Goad and Paul Kinnis, who hope the experience gained will help to prepare us more effectively for the future.

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The fact remains, however, that this long pandemic resulted in moments that were lost forever; it produced a latent fear in some that Michèle Laverdure expresses so forcefully in this heartfelt text.

The Sutton community exhibited tremendous solidarity right from the start of the pandemic; a spirit defined by the support described by Villas des Monts Executive Director Patricia McCullough; a spirit that, going forward, will strengthen the links that bind this community together. That at least, is what everyone hopes.

Script, editingJeanne Morazain
Revisions, coordinationMarie Gros
InterviewsNicole Beaudry, Marie Gros, Jeanne Morazain
ResearchJeanne Morazain, Marie Gros, Alexandrine Poissant & Louise Harpin
Filming & video editingLouis Charles Pilon
TranscriptionJoanne Bégin & Liz Tansey
PhotographyLouise Harpin, Paul Kinnis, Nicole Beaudry, CAB, Héritage Sutton Collection
TranslationKen Whittingham
Web IntegrationManon Gélinas
PartnersArts Sutton, Sutton Volunteer Centre (CAB), Sutton Junction Community Hall, Les villas des Monts