Héritage Sutton launches a 36th History Sketchbook

In his article on patent remedies, Martin Gagnon shows how, until governments regulated practices, potions, elixirs, and ointments of all kinds with miraculous virtues circulated without constraint throughout the countryside. For his part, Serge Jothy strived to trace the physicians who practiced in Sutton over the last two hundred years. In addition, The Richford Attraction…

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The return of Mémoires en Fête


The last time was five years ago. We had planned to come back sooner, but then the pandemic hit. Although it is still uncertain as to the intensity of the new waves, we are preparing to welcome back the population of Sutton and the surrounding area for a great celebration of memory that will take…

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A new virtual file : “A century of educational service”

Heritage Sutton has traced the history of Sutton Academy and Ave Maria School, which successively occupied the building now known as the John-Sleeth Community Centre between 1886 and 1986. This file gathers archival documents, photos and oral testimonies of people who attended these schools it can be consulted online at heritagesutton.ca/en/our-publications/virtual-files. This project was made…

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The John-Sleeth Centre: State of play

It is not only today that the population of Sutton, and more specifically the cultural community, is questioning the need for a cultural and community center worthy of the name. The reflection was particularly intense between 2008 and 2012 and led to the filing of several reports that were probably kept in the City archives…

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Call for volunteers !

If you like history and have a little time, join our team of volunteers for the pleasure of exchanging on genealogy, heritage, the great moments of local and regional history and to discover the testimonies of those who built Sutton. Send us an email at heritagesutton@gmail.com specifying your field of interest. Thank you for your interest.

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New membership conditions


The Heritage Sutton Board of Directors has modified the membership rules to ease the tasks of the volunteers who manage the organization and to facilitate the distribution of the History Sketchbooks.

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