A Century of Educational Service

The building that houses the John-Sleeth Community Centre was built in 1886 as a school to educate young anglophones. Sutton Academy, which later became Sutton High School, was housed there until 1955, when it moved to Highland Street. The anglophone school board then sold the building to the francophone catholic school commission, which used it to house the Ave Maria primary school. Its pedagogical vocation continued until 1986, the year that classes ended at the Ave Maria School.

What follows is the history of a century of educational service, as told through documents, photos and the reminiscences of former students and teachers.

This file was made possible thanks to financial support from the Government of Québec and the Town of Sutton. It was posted online March 31, 2022.

If you have information concerning any of these photos (e.g., the people, year, location or event/activity, etc.) please send it to us by email at heritagesutton@gmail.com

Heritage Sutton - Centre communautaire John-Sleeth - 1922

The Sutton Academy in all its glory after the 1922 expansion
Credit: Héritage Sutton Archives, postcards collection

Participants and years of attendance

01-Nancy Douglas-Shepard

Nancy Shepard -Douglas

02-Margaret Salisbury-Douglas

Margaret Salisbury-Douglas

03-Margaret Racette-Roberston

Margaret Racette-Robertson

04-Vincent royea

Vincent Royea

05-Alan Whitford

Allan Whitford

06-Ralph Davidson

Ralph Davidson

07-Winston Bresee

Winston Bresee