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A Story of Confinement: seniors and the COVID-19 pandemic

In a new virtual file, Héritage Sutton gives voice to Sutton’s seniors on the subject of the hour, the COVID-19 pandemic.


The John-Sleeth Centre: State of play

It is not only today that the population of Sutton, and more specifically the cultural community, is questioning the need for a cultural and community center worthy of the name. The reflection was particularly intense between 2008 and 2012 and led to the filing of several reports that were probably kept in the City archives…

History Sketchbook 34 - May 2021

Héritage Sutton launches a 34th History Sketchbook

This new sketchbook invites you to travel with two families related to the Willey’s of Abercorn who followed the Oregon Trail to settle in the American West. It also invites you to discover the original forests of the township of Sutton and the contribution of this forest asset to its development. It is also about…