Our archives

The collections and archives of Héritage Sutton include writings, maps, photos and sound recordings that tell of our more than 200-year history. Many documents relate to families who have written, and are still writing, the history of Sutton.

How to search the archives

Do you want to know if the archives of Héritage Sutton contain historical or genealogical documents of interest to you? In the field chercher le terme, type in a key word (such as doctor, sheep or elections) or a proper name (Jones or Glen Sutton). Next, select the relevant search field from the scroll-down menu, such as titre (title), auteur (author), sujets (subjects), notes…. and then click on chercher. The list of relevant articles will appear on the screen. If you click on an item in this list, you will see a description of its contents : family tree, obituary, birth, marriage and graduation documents, maps, notarial acts, contracts, articles and other documents.


Consultation of archives is done by appointment only and supervised by a volunteer. A $10 fee is charged for each consultation. Members are entitled to one free consultation of the archives each year.

Contribute to the archives

Many families have in their possession various writings, photos, maps and objects of great interest to local history. All too often these testaments to the past get damaged or destroyed over time. To avoid that happening to your family records, make a gift of them to the historical society – making sure first that none of your family members wish to take on the responsibility for preserving these precious objects. Should the family wish to keep their archives themselves, Héritage Sutton will undertake to digitize or photocopy the most relevant documents.

The most important donations are preserved in an archive (fonds) named after the donor or the family. Three such archives (fonds) are being assembled : the Shepard, Deslières and Poissant archives.