Héritage Sutton – Discover the history of Sutton (Quebec)

Are you intrigued by history? Are you convinced our heritage needs to be preserved? So are we. Sutton’s historical society Héritage Sutton educates while preserving memories. It researches, interprets, preserves and shares the artefacts that tell the region’s and its inhabitants’ history. A journey through time to which you are all invited, even the younger ones who now have their own space, Youth Corner, where they can visit the past while playing.

What’s New

Stories of the Wars

A hundred years ago during World War 1, over 150 Sutton residents were fighting with the Allies in Europe, and 25 of them lost their lives. To know more about these courageous men who fought in the 1914-1918 and the 1939-1945 World Wars, and how it affected the people of Sutton, read our new booklet entitled Histoires de guerres./Stories of the Wars.

We are moving!

In 2016, Héritage Sutton will move to a new space as part of the expansion of the town hall. This is excellent news as the historical society will now have acces to a vault for the conservation of its archives and a larger space to welcome the public.
It is also a challenge. Héritage Sutton will need to upgrade its furniture and equipment, purchase specialized supplies, publicize this new space and support the increased activity level resulting from this move.
A fund raising effort is therefore launched. All donations to the Townshippers’ Research & Cultural Foundation with the mention Héritage Sutton – Fonds de développement on the cheque will result in the issuance of a tax receipt for the amount of the donation. We are also looking into the possibility for Placement Culture to match those donations via its matching program.
The Héritage Sutton team is counting on you for this transition to be a success thus allowing it to better fulfill its mission of preserving the community’s collective memory.
Please send your donations to:
Townshippers’ Research & Cultural Foundation with the mention Héritage Sutton – Fonds de développement
100-257, rue Queen, Sherbrooke, QC J1M 1K7.

The Héritage Sutton team thanks you for your support of this very important development project.

Héritage Sutton Historical Society publish a 24th History Sketchbook

Cahiers24As usual, the proposed content is rich. Several ethnic groups contributed to Sutton’s development. The Irish and the Scots were among the first. Whether they came directly or via the United States, they set down roots here and have left their mark. We used the correspondence of an immigrant woman toward Upper Canada to relive the voyage from the British Isles, discovering through her eyes and her pen the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the Saint Lawrence River in the 1830s, the entry point to Canada during the first half of the 19th century. Héritage Sutton, at the request of the Town of Sutton, carried out an inventory of the cemeteries and burial plots on its territory. Here, we summarize the conclusions of this 5 year endeavour. Finally, throughout the last 75 years, several transactions were effected by the township and the town in order to protect potable water sources and the integrity of the Sutton mountain tops. They are the subject of an analysis.
Happy reading !
On sale at Le Cafetier, Farfelu and Art Libre galleries, at the Tourist Information Bureau and at the second-hand shop Les bons débarras, or by writing to heritagesutton@gmail.com. The summaries of all the published booklets can be read on History sketchbooks summaries.

Zoom on Sutton’s cemeteries

Patrimoine funéraire 2016A virtual guided tour of Sutton cemeteries brought out a full house on February 21st when close to 100 people filled the AGP room to hear bioarcheologist Robert Laroque describe the old cemeteries scattered along country roads.
This conference presented the result of five years of historical research and field inventory taken on and financed by the Town of Sutton, one of the rare towns in Québec to have adopted a Policy for the maintenance and conservation of its cemeteries.
It demonstrated the richness of this very diverse funeral patrimony and aroused the population to the need for vigilance in order to prevent unhappy human interventions and raise their consciousness to respect, conserve and enhance these open-to-the sky archives that are cemeteries..

Héritage Sutton goes back to school

On February 23rd, the historical society partnered with the Town of Sutton to present to 5th and 6th grade students, Francophone and Anglophone, historical tales about the life of pioneer families, the fabrication of potash and the Big Fire that destroyed the core of the village in 1898. Héritage Sutton presented two verbally commented photomontages that gave students an understanding of the facts behind these tales.