Héritage Sutton – Discover the history of Sutton (Quebec)

Are you intrigued by history? Are you convinced our heritage needs to be preserved? So are we. Sutton’s historical society Héritage Sutton educates while preserving memories. It researches, interprets, preserves and shares the artefacts that tell the region’s and its inhabitants’ history. A journey through time to which you are all invited, even the younger ones who now have their own space, Youth Corner, where they can visit the past while playing.

What’s New

A 30th History Sketchbook for Héritage Sutton

This new sketchbook highlights the Frary brothers, their accomplishments, and what remains of their time in Sutton. We’re also shining a spotlight on the Després and Lusignan families, whose businesses, as of this year, have been contributing to Sutton’s economic development for more than a century. As for Karel and Olga Velan, they adopted Sutton in 1949 – a real love story according to their son Tom, who tells us all about them. Finally, an article on the Sutton’s Masonic Lodge, founded in 1870, reveals that members of almost all the prominent English families have been recruited through generations.

Sales : Héritage Sutton (www.heritage sutton.ca), le Bureau d’information touristique, Le Cafetier, Art Libre, Farfelu, Nath’elle, la Friperie de Sutton. Price : 5 $.

A « historical » gift

If you have a lover of history among in your entourage, Héritage Sutton has the following gift suggestions for you.

For $25, you can offer a one-year membership in Héritage Sutton,that includes the two History Sketchbooks published by the historical society every year.

You can also offer the complete collection of the sketchbooks (27 volumes) with two display cases featuring old photos. All for $150. You can also purchase individual booklets on our web site where you will find their summaries or only the display cases. Each sketchbook sells for $5, the display cases cost $20 each or 2 for $35.

Visit our web site ‑‑heritagesutton.ca—to make your purchases via Paypal or write to us at heritagesutton@gmail.com.

New membership conditions

The Heritage Sutton Board of Directors has modified the membership rules to ease the tasks of the volunteers who manage the organization and to facilitate the distribution of the History Sketchbooks.

There is now only one renewal date for your membership, November 1st.
During this transition year, renewals made in May 2018 and new members recruited between May and November 2018 benefit from extended membership until the end of October 2019; the renewals made in November 2018 and later will all expire on October 31, 2019.

Moreover, given the high cost of postage, it will now be possible to receive the two books published annually in PDF format. If you choose this option, the annual membership fee remains at $25. On the other hand, if you opt to receive the book by mail, in printed form, there is an increase of the membership fee to $30.

Please let us know as soon as possible by sending an email to heritagesutton@gmail.com or writing to Heritage Sutton, 11 Main Street South, Sutton J0E 2K0.

To preserve and highlight seniors’ oral histories in Sutton

As part of the Quebec Friends of the Elderly program (QADA) sponsored by the Minister responsible for Seniors and Anti-Bullying, Francine Charbonneau, Heritage Sutton will receive a substantial grant, up to $106,200 over two years, to preserve and enhance the oral histories of local seniors.

In order to trace the history of Sutton, its region, and the people and families who wrote it, the Sutton-based historical society has collected and preserved the oral testimonies of many local seniors. Interviews conducted between 1960 and 2010 resulted in a bank of nearly one hundred life-stories. Most of these interviews were recorded in formats that make them hard to consult and so access to this historical gold-mine has become difficult and very limited.

This significative initiative first aims to transfer the existing interviews to digital media, to index them and to transcribe them if necessary, the aim being both to preserve these precious testimonies and to make them easily accessible.

The project also aims to organize meetings to continue to enrich this bank of oral history: new, individual interviews, workshops gathering seniors to discuss old photos, workshops bringing seniors and non-seniors together; all recorded on audio or video.

Finally, activities to highlight and bring to life this rich source of living history are planned. Several avenues will be explored including short live events based on testimonials and presented to various audiences, exhibitions, educational projects, publication of thematic portfolios on the web and articles in the History Sketchbooks of Heritage Sutton, etc.

To carry out this project, the Heritage Sutton Historical Society has teamed with two partners. The Management Committee of the Sutton Junction Community Hall, will participate in the coordination of the project: identifying new oral histories and finding people to conduct the interviews and lead group activities; they will also loan their premises and facilities. The cultural organization, Cœur du village, and the Salle Alec et Gérard Pelletier, will present to various audiences live staging of oral-histories, provide technical services and loan their venue and its equipment. With deep roots in culture and the community, each partner brings valuable expertise towards the success of this most stimulating project for the entire population of the region.

New coordonnates

Héritage Sutton is now situated in the town hall extension at 11, rue Princiaple sud, Sutton, J0E 2K0. Telephone 579-380-9437.

It is with great pleasure that we will welcome you there on Wednesday mornings between 9:30 a.m. and noon or upon appointment. Access is by the back of the new section. Parking on Pine Street when the town hall lot is full.

There are several reasons to visit: buy History Sketchbooks ($5 each) or a display case ($20) to house your collection, discover ways to give us a hand, consult our archives or our reference library where you’ll find a lot of material about Sutton, the Eastern Townships, Québec, New England and First Nations. Or, just come to share; we are always happy to meet you.

Call for volunteers !

To achieve its 2017 priorities, four work groups with specific themes have been created, the only remuneration being the pleasure of sharing knowledge, the discovery of historical facts, or simply to work with others. Four themes are proposed.

Genealogy. To identify relevant sources and to learn to use research tools in order to respond to queries from people wanting to trace the presence of an ancestor in Sutton.
Archive donation. To define a protocol framing archive donations and to propose a support method to persons and families wanting to make a donation.
Oral history. To determine a strategy for the collection and the processing of the testimony of elders and to coordinate the actions to take in the same way.
Buildings patrimony. To identify relevant sources and to learn research tools in order to document the history of the occupation of buildings of patrimonial interest.
To show your interest, send us an e-mail – heritagesutton@gmail.com – or just stop by.