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Héritage Sutton publishes History Sketchbooks twice a year, in the spring and fall, that reveal various chapters of local history to a large public. They include articles in both French and English. The authors are all history enthusiasts, professional or not, who explore various subjects with the critical eye that all historical exploration demands.

Twenty height History Sketchbooks have been published so far.

If you have specific information or wish to explore and document a particular aspect of Sutton’s history, that of Brome County or the Eastern Townships in general, let us know. We will be glad to discuss the possibility of a collaboration.

To read in the latest edition, no 30

The Velan Family: A loving relationship with Sutton

Karel and Olga Velan, my parents, escaped from Communist Czechoslovakia in 1948 and arrived in Montreal in 1949, with two young sons. In their first year in Canada, my parents bought a property in Sutton on Élie Road and built a small country house for use in summer. That was the start of a long, loving relationship with the Sutton area. (To read in no. 30)

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N0 30 • May 2019

The Velan Family: A loving relationship with Sutton
Les Desprès-Lusignan, commerçants depuis 100 ans
Freemasonry in Sutton
Les anciennes terres des Frary
In Memoriam

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