The return of Mémoires en Fête

20220231_.jpgThe last time was five years ago. We had planned to come back sooner, but then the pandemic hit. Although it is still uncertain as to the intensity of the new waves, we are preparing to welcome back the population of Sutton and the surrounding area for a great celebration of memory that will take place on the third weekend of October, October 15 and 16, 2022.

Mémoires en Fête is a meeting of sharing: we open our archives to you; you help us to document them. Because the value of a document or a photo is all the greater when we know the date, the place, the people, the event it refers to. We invite you to come and browse through our photo albums to add the information we are missing.

Above all, you can help us to enrich our collections by opening your own archives. On site, volunteers will digitize and document the photos and documents that you bring. Each photo, each document represents a piece of the puzzle that is local history.

The event will be held in the former dairy, now an art school. It will be an opportunity to tell the story of this place and to highlight its role in the agricultural and industrial history of Sutton in the last century. If you have photos and documents that tell this story, we invite you to share them with us. If you do so this spring, we will be able to showcase your share at the October event. Send us an email at to discuss.

Héritage Sutton’s mission is to research the elements of Sutton’s and the region’s history that shed light on our present and to preserve them so that they are accessible for future generations.

Mémoires en Fête, which is in its fourth edition, allows the historical society to fulfill this mission, which it cannot fully realize without the support of the population. For, let’s remember that collective memory is the sum of what each of us contributes in the form of writings, photos, videos and oral histories.

So don’t miss this rendezvous with history, on October 15 and 16, 2022 in the old dairy.