A Century of Educational Service

An education that evolved

Édith Dandenault completed her primary studies at the  Ave Maria school; she did Grade 5 with Louise DeGuire in 1982-83 and Grade 6 the following year with Bryan Rogers. Her recollections help us judge the evolution in instruction provided to francophone children. By this time parents had a choice between moral and religious education. The church, however, was still very much involved in the instruction provided to students registered for Catholic teaching.

The range of subjects in the program was enlarged, specialized professors taught English and the arts; in Grade 6 students had access to computer workshops and a classroom equipped with computers. In the sciences, students in Grades 5 and 6 were encouraged to undertake projects.

For Édith Dandenault, these years were far more stimulating.

With the exception of the annual Olympics competition with the  Saint-Édouard school in Knowlton, Sutton’s primary students didn’t participate in inter-school activities. For the most part extracurricular activities (like skating or ballet) were organized by people in the community, not the school. There were other competitions, though. Edith mentions a math tournament inspired by hockey that was designed to teach multiplication tables, and challenges organized by the Optimist Club to encourage reading and familiarize students with the environment.

AM 13-2
AM 13-2 (2)

Édith Dandenault, “Policewoman-for-a-Day”, with policeman Luc Snyder and Gerry Piette from the Optimist Club
Credit: Édith Dandenault Archives

“Policewoman-for-a-Day” Édith Dandenault, along with
“Mayor-for-a-Day” Ina Wielenga (in the rose sweater) meet Québec Premier René Lévesque

Édith Dandenault enjoyed her years spent at the Ave Maria school.

AM 14

Édith Dandenault’s Grade 6 class was one of the last to be taught at the Ave Maria school
Credit: Édith Dandenault Archives

AM 15

The school team that final year (1985-1986)
From left to right:
Standing:  Secretary Diane Thériault-Piette, Sylvie (Caroline) Carey, Patricia Harvey, Suzanne Blain, ?  ?
Seated: Yvon Veilleux, Louise DeGuire, Louise Grégoire, Principal Germaine (Mimi) Voyer-Turcotte,Lucie Langlois,
Louise Delorme- Kelly, Yves Choinière
Credit: Germaine Turcotte Family Archives