Launching of the 31st historical journal

At the end of the Annual Meeting the 31st Sketchbook will be launched featuring among other things two articles emanating from our oral heritage. The first one presents European women who married Canadian military serving overseas during World War II (1939-1945) and who later followed their husbands to Sutton. We know of about ten of them, two of which are still living. The second article focuses on a ninety-year-old woman who still runs the small dairy farm established by her father in 1927. This is a story of determination and solidarity.

Then, after selling their Sutton dwelling, the Hepburn family left behind a number of boxes the content of which allowed us to retrace the family members’ sometimes tragic life.

Finally, some 40 years ago, private property owners as well as conservation organizations joined efforts to protect the Sutton mountain range without depriving the population of this exceptionnal natural environment. A beautiful story about commitment.