Héritage Sutton launches a 35th History Sketchbook

Cahier 35

This new booklet begins with a walk down Pleasant Street, a street lined with mature trees and homes of high heritage value. Then, Anne Lipowski invites us to follow the destiny of a few Sutton veterans of the American Civil War, whose names are McClarty, Shequin (Chicoine), and Dufur.

Quebec was hit hard by the Great Depression of the 1930s. In Sutton, as elsewhere, families had to toil from dawn-to-dusk when they were on unproductive land; as Jean Larouche recounts, children had to use their imagination to amuse themselves when the current technologies were absent. Finally, Jocelyn Vachon reveals another piece of military history, the tragic tale of Keith Riddell who died in 1943 during an air mission to strafe the Germans in Norway.

Buy it at the Héritage Sutton online store (www.heritagesutton.ca), Mollies, Boutique Nath’elle, On s’aimera encore (thrift store), Galerie Farfelu, Tourist Information Bureau.