Play Detective – Find the Misfit answers

This party is at the post office. If the two girls were listening to music, surely, it won't be on an ipod. This photo from the collection of the Griggs family was probably taken at the beginning of the 1900's.

In 1892, the linemen of the telephone company in Farnham , worked with picks and shovels and elbow grease to mount poles and work with the telephone wires. Bell Canada Archives.

A commercial street in North Troy, Vermont. These cars with the exception of the one just to the side of the truck prove that the picture was taken about 1950. It is part of a book entitled "Vermont Quebec border; Life on the line" by Mathew Farfan (Arcadia 2009).

This photo from the collection of the Brome County Historical Society was taken in 1909. The two ladies drinking tea , boiled water on the stove and not in an electric kettle.

Five men from the Bresee family, one of the pioneer families of Sutton. The photo comes from the family's collection and probably dates from the 1930's or 1940's, well before aluminium suitcases were used.

The Main Street in Frelighsburg in 1906 at a time before the aquaduct with its fountains was in place. Then sidewalks were made of wood. The photo comes from a book entitled "Vermont Quebec border: life on the line" by Mathew Farfan (Arcadia 2009).

The loading or unloading of trucks at the dairy called Les produits laitiers de Sutton during the 1950's. The tow truck to the left has no place in this photo from the archives of the Boulanger family, owners of the dairy.

Photo of unknown origin, dated likely from the beginning of the twentieth century at a time when hay was mowed by hand with a scythe and transported in a wagon pulled by a team of horses. Tractors came along much later to ease the work of farmers.